We are a China leading manufacturer in the industry of semiconductor located at Wuxi High-Tech Industry Park. We emphasize the field of research & development , products building and manufacturing , sales and aftermarket service to continues supply final solution for our customers who seeking products with good quality and service. In the areas of power components and customer defined IC we are a leading supplier based on good capabilities of R&D and productions. We win great praise from the domestic and overseas customers who sourcing the power MOSFET, schottky, SCR, three-terminal voltage regulator massively.
We are selling power components and integrated circuits of 3 major series including over 100 kinds of products ,which are widely used in solar pv, electric cars, LED drive power supply, energy-saving lamps, auto electric appliances, electric motorcycle, UPS power supply, inverter power supply, electric toys, audio and video, home appliances and other fields. We committing to improve people's daily life and to be the Top one supplier in the industry of China. The advanced manufacturing equipment, excellent technology and strong production capacity ensure the company's products market share sales scale keeps growing in recent years.
Our company is managed under a corporate governance framework and guided by Corporate Governance Guidelines that ensure we are certificated and operating within applicable legal statutes of China and consistent with ethical global business standards.
The great competitiveness comes from the advanced operation and management philosophy of the leadership , we offer a lot of opportunities for the employees to improve vocational skills and get education , we emphasizes the values of Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Innovation and Courage. To help our employees grow, we believe it's vital to strengthen their engagement and develop their skills and leadership capabilities
Although many local plants are now producing MOSFET ,there still have some gap compared with famous supplier overseas (such as IRFAIRCHILD) , the root cause is that they are seeking short-term benefits and aims to get extensive possession of the market by low price strategy. We focusing the quality at the stage of products selection ,we supply elements to CRC hua technology co., LTD (famous company Top semiconductor wafer in the industry of China) ,we have good collaboration with the customer in many field of the industry and our engineers has learned a lot of experience in the quality and process control. Through the past two years market performance, our company's products have been recognized by vast majority of customers, the overall quality of product is higher than domestic counterparts and South Korea, while inferior to IR, FAIRCHILD.